Campaign & contest strategy

  • Research
  • Concepts
  • Strategy
  • Promotion copy
  • Copy for on line sites & ads
  • Copy for social media
  • Digital asset development
  • Banner ads
  • Social Media strategy
  • Video TAG


  • QR Codes and code redemption applications

SMS campaigns

– Targeted Bulk SMS

– Location based SMS

– Dynamic Real-Time Content Emailing

– Mobile optimized email content

– Automatic alerts for SMS & Email

call-center & ivr apps

  • – Info lines for promotions
  • – Telemarketing

Landing pages & sites

Design & Development mobile and classic websites

Digital coupons , discount & redemption mechanics

  • Tactics and techniques for loyalty in digital environment
  • Tactics and techniques for loyalty in store environment
  • Platform development with point or other form of accumulation for instant or guaranteed prizes
  • Prize acquisitions

No mater how complex the campaign request is we can handle it with professionalism and dedication. From concept to development and implementation we can deliver the solution needed to achieve your objectives.  

  • Shopper campaigns (buy&send, NCP).
  • Trade marketing campaigns.
  • Incentives for sales teams.
  • Retail marketing campaigns.
  • HORECA campaigns.
  • DIY campaigns.
  • Electro-retail campaigns.